"To the memory of Pat Shearer ..." commemorated in @saint_magnus (as narrated by @dragonhistory )

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almost 4 years ago

I hope that helps, and that you see this, depite the passage of time!
sweynh 8 months ago
I asked the custodian, and she has replied as follows:
"As far as I'm aware it's the original. I would say judging by the style, the material used, and the lettering, it is entirely consistent with the date"
sweynh 8 months ago
Hi Benjamin - sorry not to notice your comment before - I will ask the Cathedral curator, and let you know what I find out.
sweynh 8 months ago
Hi I was up in Orkney last week and while there did a little research on the plaque in the cathedral to the memory of Pat Shearer. We have a photograph of another plaque with more details and also another occasion when he was given an award for bravery. Can you tell me please if this is the original plaque in the cathedral or did it replace an earlier one.
I ask as my daughters great grandfather was a close friend of Pat Shearer during their time in Hong Kong.
Many thanks in advance. Benjie
Benjamini 11 months ago