Teachers TV was senselessly cut by Gove - now it's being taken up around the world:

about 4 years ago, London, Westminster, United Kingdom

We have a very similar story. A few of us worked as the management team on a government funded initiative to get 10 years worth of National Strategies content online only for the site to be shut down (with the change in Government) just as we were completing the project last year - while still receiving tens of thousands of unique visitors each day. Although there are mixed opinions on outcomes of the National Strategies programme as a whole there is no question that the website version of the materials offered cost effective and easy access to a huge repository of useful teaching materials (which cost millions of pounds to produce) - evidenced by the fact that the site we set up to ensure the best content lives on - www.teachfind.com - still gets over 10,000 teachers visiting each day. We also have the Teachers TV videos as well as Becta and QCDA content. Currently it's all financed by ourselves while we figure out a way to make it self sustainable - assuming we can.
harrop_mark almost 4 years ago
And we have 5 years of TeachMeets and other archives at: http://www.l4l.co.uk/?page_id=1412 all for free and freely shareable - now how is that for amazing value
Eyebeams almost 4 years ago
Some of us are still filming and uploading quality video - in fact HD quality but some of need funding http://vimeo.com/33122917
Eyebeams almost 4 years ago
So typical of this government, I just despair! Don't jump out of the fifth floor David, we need you to continue to expose these numpties like Gove&co and save Britain's future.
Liza_Harding about 4 years ago