Should TWiT blackout on Jan 18 to protest SOPA?

almost 4 years ago, Petaluma, CA, United States

I agree – some sort of visual on the website rather than a full blackout, and then use the airwaves to educate.
sdmonty almost 4 years ago
The day educating. Maybe 15 minutes of every hour. A nice touch would be staff and Leo in combat gear with camouflage.
thetechguychris almost 4 years ago
Maybe broadcast the whole show in darkness. No Lights in the studio. Could be an interesting metaphor for the effects SOPA would have online.
__SamNichol almost 4 years ago
I would say TWIT should have a black bar going across it's TWIT icon and still air to protest against as well as express the wrongs of SOPA. The vast majority of users on this thing we call the internet should do the same. Right now, I'm in the agreement, we need to express to those "boneheads in congress," and that's both sides of the isle, that this "SOPA Thing" is wrong, and does NOT do anything new that current laws take care of and already do. SOPA is the equivalent of stifling all internet users in broadening their knowledge base and range of access that knowledge.

Stay on the air TWIT, wear a Black Bar, talk of the wrongs of SOPA and how it does not, and I repeat does not help anyone on this thing we call the internet. It Is A Dumb Law!!!
FiremanRich almost 4 years ago
instead of a blackout s/b a teach in focusing on SOPA..all day nothing but educating
simplynonnas almost 4 years ago
When the Open Rights Group held a protest about the Digital Economy Act ( our SOPA ) opposite the House of Commons they protested by having blank boards and duct tape over their mouths. The net ( hah ) result was no one really knew what they were trying to communicate. The sites going Black on the 18th will be saying why they are doing it. In your media going black means you say nothing and no one understands why. I say you should have a TWIT fund raising day to help raise funds to fight SOPA. Make it a day of shouting from the rooftops that you "arent going to take this anymore "
__loudmouthman almost 4 years ago