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Prospectus, Sep03-03, WWPhilosophy

This recording, plus the next six (6) recordings
are produced from documents pertaining to the Open House
and the First Class of a 12-class program.
Zee Charnoe offered a program from September - December, 2003,
titled: What Life Is and What Life Is For
for an adult education World Wide Philosophy class (WWPhil).
Each of the lectures will each be designated
with a different icon.
Here is the original writing from which
this particular audio recording is produced:
Each session was two hours in duration.
All of the lectures were audio recorded, and are available here:
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B69QduZhn9AjNzFmOTVmNjItODA2Yi00YjBlLTk5YzYtMDI3OGM3YjI3MjA0 #philosophy #ZeeCharnoe #prospectus #WorldWidePhilosophy
over 3 years ago