Replies to @r2uk and @macolgan

over 3 years ago

Ooo thanks for that confirmation, macolgan - I've been using playlists more now I've started to use Downcast for podcasts as well, so wasn't sure if it was fixed in the other screen.
Pewari over 3 years ago
The update has fixed the " looping " of boos, which incidentally came in very handy the other day as i was up a ladder for a couple of hours and had ran out of boos.... so i was able to listen to the listened ones over and over. Hence digested every word said lol.
macolgan over 3 years ago
Yes, in the Playlist view I set it to exclude files I've already played. And a good tip is the two finger up or down swipe to mark an episode as played or unplayed.
sm2n over 3 years ago