Audio recording project.

over 3 years ago, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

Thanks Stefano.. hadn't seen that one before. They have loads of stuff and I'll "save" it for future reference.
Unfortunately they only sell the MK 2 Mikey ... and at £62 !
You can pick that model up from £39 elsewhere :|

macolgan over 3 years ago
Hi Mac, I was looking for some equipment this morning and came across this UK website. Perhaps you might know about it already.


slandi over 3 years ago
Thanks for the reply Rich .! made a mistake about the Fire2 app . It is $5.99 ... not £5.99 as I had stated. Which means it's only £3.99 over hear. Even more a bargain. :)
Downloaded it this morning... will do a general update on how it works !

macolgan over 3 years ago
Thanks for the info macolan in your audioboo. Used WavePad on the desktop for my mixcloud play project. Works for me. Didn't realize or think there was a WavePad app. Just d/l and I think I can use. The Wavepad on the PC worked out pretty good and the app looks usable. Nothing fancy but using them such as WavePad is a step up from what I'm doing with audio right now. Thank you for the app info. Neat! : )
FiremanRich over 3 years ago