Happiness is free, when you know where to look for it.

over 3 years ago, Rugby District, Warwickshire, England

Beautiful, reflective, vulnerable. Thank you.
JacquelineB over 3 years ago
cheers for the comments/thoughts guys. :)
Documentally over 3 years ago
Great story about the fridge Christian - I was picturing the whole scene, including banging on the closed store window lol.
Also, touching happiness story with your gran and her box wish :)

macolgan over 3 years ago
"...a cake, a cup of tea, a nice chat, and a dark joke..." = 2 smiles...priceless. Besides $19B (USD) is only £12B or 14.8€B. 2 smiles? No conversion required. :)
bundini over 3 years ago