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almost 3 years ago

Ahh this is cute :D
"I don't know what to talk about...." :P
Kalman over 2 years ago
Aileen, I am sorry to hear that. Please take good care of yourself, don't spend too much time get online. And please go see a doctor as soon as possible. Hugs.
看到花开 almost 3 years ago
@roybie Thank you Roybie!! I want to listen to your Japanese records, but I didn't find them in your boo, only English version:P
Aileen almost 3 years ago
@看到花开 Thank you!! I couldn't fall asleep recently and I don't know why. Maybe I should go to see a doctor.
Aileen almost 3 years ago
Don't be so hard on yourself, you speak well. Even I would find it hard to talk without a topic in English. In Japanese it would be even harder! And in mandarin impossible! (because I don't know any mandarin yet)

花花 is right! Practice makes perfect and you are good already :)
Roybie almost 3 years ago
I understand you perfectly.
Aileen, please go to sleep early, don't too late. Ok?
You can say anything you want.
Just keep practicing.
看到花开 almost 3 years ago