Bye Bye BBC


One last go in a BBC Radio Studio before I left Broadcasting House for pastures new...

about 3 years ago, Marylebone, London, England

Wish you lots of luck as you embark on the next phase of your career.
sodofforelse about 3 years ago
Wonderful Boo and what a great sound and voice :) Your last phrase brought back such fond memories of lying awake at night and listening in to the BBC World Service on SW. I was a very avid SWL and one of my favourites was BBC World Service on 6995 Khz. With the cancellation of the BBC's North American SW broadcast beam and the increasing use of the Internet and streaming I eventually stopped listening to the BBC on SW and started listening to it instead on Satellite Radio when I got a subscription for some 2 back in 2006 or so. I just loved how clear the sound was. Now I do occasionally catch it on their Internet stream. You've given me the idea to go back and do some more listening :)
slandi about 3 years ago
Fantastic boo. The end of an era. Beautifully punctuated.
sm2n about 3 years ago
Thanks, Mark - I'm sure I'll boo about it!
Nick: I really hope so! :)
syzygy about 3 years ago
Hope this means more regular boos from you James. Have missed your words/voice/thoughts/chat. Good to hear you.
nickholloway about 3 years ago
Good luck going forward
markrock about 3 years ago