Joel Blank has been staple in Houston sports for over a decade. He's flanked by standup comedian and Houston sports junkie, Barry Laminack. The duo have taken afternoon sports talk in Houston to another level. Catch "The Usual Suspects" with Joel & Barry weekdays 1-4pm on ESPN 97.5 FM and on demand at Podcast Arena.

  1. Calvin Watkins breaks down the Rockets
  2. Full Eric Dickerson Interview on the Rams & Jeff Fisher
  3. Kevin McHale
  4. Interview with Rudy Tomjanovich
Keenan McCardell
  1. Kennan McCardell breaks down this week in football.
  2. Weekly segment with Keenan McCardell
  3. Keenan McCardell joins Joel Blank
  4. Keenan McCardell joins Joel Blank
Kevin McHale Interviews
  1. 12/28/2016 Kevin McHale interview
  2. Kevin McHale
  3. Kevin McHale: The Rockets scoring in the paint
  4. Kevin McHale: Howard was more consistent than Harden in Playoffs
Barry Laminack
  1. Houston Astros offseason moves
  2. Barry becomes relationship expert with Intern Yuli
  3. Barry asks Rudy T about famous quote
  4. Rick Smith Fires Charles James
Joel Blank
  1. Harden and the Rockets are fun to watch
  2. The Relationship between a GM and Head Coach
  3. Mario Elie: Irving has better Offense than Lebron
  4. Tom Savage Named Starting QB
Best of the Show
  1. Remembering Craig Sager
  2. John Lucas discusses Medicinal Marijuana
  3. Kevin McHale: Draymond Green has great aim with his legs
  4. Eric Dickerson: "That little weasel Kevin Demoff put you up to this"