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Welcome to the VI Talk. AudioBoom Channel. Part of VI Talk charity number 1165629.

VI Talk is aimed at anyone with a visual impairment, anyone who knows someone who is visually impaired or anyone who has connections with an organisation or group that offers services or support to visually impaired people.

You can find us in the following places.

Facebook, search VI Talk for our Group and Page

Twitter @VITalkPodcast



Voicemail number 0161 298 8255 Skype name is vitalkpodcast

Our podcasts are available on our website or via iTunes by searching VI Talk.

VI Talk is for anyone regardless of age, background or experience.

There will be a chance for: - Communication; Questions to be asked and hopefully answers found; Friendships made; The exchange of ideas, information and support

and perhaps along the way, we can help to bridge the gap between visually impaired people and their sighted counterparts.

When you post to the channel, please put VI Talk at the beginning of your title, so when boos appear in someones feed they will know where it was posted.

Please also use appropriate language, whilst the channel is not moderated, anything inappropriate will be removed.

Any opinions or views expressed are that of the members or participants and not VI Talk.

Thanks for joining us.

We hope you will enjoy VI Talk.

#C2SV17 Countdown to Sight Village 2017
  1. #C2SV17 Round up and Thanks, with Jo Tracy and Michael
  2. #C2SV17 VisionAir Technology. With Ellis Ellis
  3. #C2SV17 Barclays Bank (headline Sponsor) With Kathryn Townsend
  4. #C2SV17 British Wireless for the Blind Fund. With David Beard
Jenny's music blog
  1. Jenny tells us her favourite Christmas songs.
  2. Jenny is here with the third part of her music blog, entitled the history of music.
  3. Jenny is back to talk music. This time relating to keep fit
  4. Jenny is here to introduce herself and her music blog
Wendy's Blog
  1. Wendy is back with the next episode of her blog (part 2)
  2. Wendy's Blog. Follow Wendy on her journey through private college.
C2SV15 Countdown to Sight Village 2015
  1. #C2SV15 Torch Trust. We speak to Sheila Armstrong about the work of Torch Trust
  2. #C2SV15 Vision Hotels. We speak to Andrew Wilson about the Hotels
  3. #C2SV15 We speak to Kathryn from Goalball UK
  4. #C2SV15 Event Sponsor Guide Dogs
Sophi's Baby Blog
  1. Sophia's Baby Blog. Sophia is back to update us on Margot.
  2. Sophia's Baby Blog - recent baby bumper developments
  3. Sophia's Baby Blog - Part 2 The home doplar fetal heartbeat monitor, and a view on maternity clothes that are available today
  4. Sophia's Baby Blog - Part 1, Introduction
Ian's Blog
  1. Ian's Blog. Too long for information
  2. Ian's Blog. Frustration, a new game of chance.
  3. Ian's Blog. Opening the shutter on pavement clutter
  4. Ian's Blog. Strange perceptions!
Guide Dog Diaries
  1. Guide Dogs - Jo speaks to jenny as part of her Guide Dog series.
  2. Guide Dogs - Jo speaks to jenny as part of her Guide Dog series.
  3. Guide dog diary part 10
  4. Guide dog diary part 8
Ines's Inspirational Story
  1. #VI Talk Ines tells her inspirational story
  2. Follow up to my interview with Jo: it's not as straightforward as "I just love eating".
  3. #VITalk: another follow-up to my interview: how to react if one of your loved ones or friends is obese or has another eating disorder
  4. #VITalk: another follow-up: process of getting gastric bypass surgery
2014's Countdown To Sight Village
  1. C2SV - Optelec. We speak to Mark Hill about the product range and what's new for Sight Village
  2. C2SV - Blind Square. We talk to Ilkka about their exhibit at this years Sight Village
  3. C2SV - Calibre, We speak to Nicole Russell about the range of services they provide. They are also celebrating their 40th Birthday
  4. C2SV Sight and Sound With Glenn Tookey
Braille Discussions, including the 3D printed phone
  1. C2SV - Calibre, We speak to Nicole Russell about the range of services they provide. They are also celebrating their 40th Birthday
  2. VI Talk: My thoughts about braille and it's importance
  3. #VI talk, why in my opinion braille is an important skill for a blind person to have.
  4. #VI Talk my thoughts on braille
  1. Infosound - Radio-controlled clocks and watches keeping the right time throughout the year.
  2. Infosound - British Blind Sport's Guide to VI-Friendly Athletics.
  3. Infosound - "Wise Guides", produced in accessible formats by the charity Independent Age.
  4. Infosound - Two large button “universal” remote controls.
Coffee Break. Our musical interlude
  1. Coffee Break - We speak and listen to Jim Moran about his life in Music
  2. Coffee Break - Jo and Michael sit down with Kevin Satizabal to talk about his music. Kevin shows us his musical skills as he plays some improv on the piano.
  3. Coffee Break - With Singer Sabrina Mckiernan
  4. Coffee Break With Steve Wicketts JLL_Tribute
Organisations and Charities
  1. Local Charity - Moor Vision In Devon
Featured Boos
  1. Introducing Ian's Blog, Another great feature from VI Talk
  2. The afternoon Edition, by Allan Russell, from Insight Radio. Feature with Michael & Jo from Vi Talk
  3. Windows Mobile 8.1 Preview. showcasing the new accessibility features coming soon.
  4. Dining in the Dark
Our Interviews
  1. Michael & Jo speak to Gavin Neate From Neatebox LTD about this work and Ideas
  2. Interview - Dave Mills From Action for Blind People in East Cheshire
  3. Interview Dean Du Plessis, Blind Cricket Commentator
  4. Interview - We speak to Hassan Khan about Blind Cricket and his journey that led him to play for England
VI Frontline 101 From Fashioneyesta
  1. VI Talk Frontline 101 EP5 The Summer Holiday
  2. VI Frontline 101 Dressing for Petite From Fashioneyesta
  3. VI Frontline 101 Episode 3 The pub
  4. VI Frontline 101. Episode Two: The Job Interview