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Powerhosing Premium-Calibre Satirical Hogwash Over Planet Earth Since 2007

The Bugle, one of the universe’s leading satirical comedy podcasts, featuring John Oliver (star of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) and Andy Zaltzman (not a star of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart), lives on.

Since its birth in October 2007, John and Andy have dispensed their weekly doses of satire and bullshit to an estimated potential global audience of 7 billion people. They have left no political hot potato unbuttered, and have presided over, and/or caused, and/or commented on (delete according to preference) the downfall of several of the world’s least desirable despots and dinner companions.

After four years and 178 full issues (plus sundry extra sub-episodes) hosted by Times Online, The Bugle is now independent, and hoping to carry on Bugling until the end of time (logistics permitting).