UPDATE: America is still f---ing mad

Season 6, Episode 4290,   Feb 07, 05:00 PM

Recording together in Andy's shed surrounded by cricket memorabilia, are Nish Kumar and Chris Addison. 

On this week's episode:

  • Trump vs Swift: a 'powder keg of stupidity'
  • Super Bowl LVIII conspiracy theories
  • Joe Biden calling Benjamin Netanyau a 'bad f---ing guy'
  • Tucker Carlson meeting Vladimir Putin
  • Rishi Sunak's Rwanda policy bet with Piers Morgan
  • Liz Truss launching PopCon

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This episode was presented and written by:

  • Andy Zaltzman
  • Chris Addison
  • Nish Kumar

And produced by Ped Hunter, Chris Skinner and Laura Turner

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