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Airing Pain is the online radio programme and podcast from Pain Concern.

Each edition we bring together people with chronic pain and top specialists to talk about resources that can help.

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Airing Pain

Airing Pain
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Mindfulness, Creativity and Other Ways of Managing Pain
  1. Diet, CBT and Mindfulness
  2. Exercise and Improving Mobility
  3. Relieving Pain: TENS and acupuncture
  4. Music and Knitting
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  1. Recent Developments in Nerve Pain and How to get a Good Night's Rest
  2. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  3. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 1 of 2
  4. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 2 of 2
  1. Self-Management, Psychology and 'Physio-terrorists'
  2. The Pain Toolkit
  3. Physiotherapy, Mind, Body and the Social Component
  1. Pacing and Arthritis
  2. Arthritis: Challenging perceptions
  3. Self-Management: Pacing and communication
  4. Arthritis: From self-help to cutting edge research
  1. Suffering is Optional
  2. Life After Limb Loss
  3. Pain, PTSD and Perfume
Work and Pain
  1. Work and Benefits
  2. Back to Work
  3. Pain, Poverty and Employment
  1. A Heads-Up on Migraines
  2. Post-Herpetic Neuralgia and Migraine
  3. Headaches, Chilli Pepper Patches and the Placebo Effect
Cancer Pain
  1. Cancer Pain
  2. Persistent Post-Operative Pain in Cancer Survivors
  3. Living with Cancer Pain
  1. Opioid-Induced Constipation
  2. Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pelvic Pain and Cannabis
  3. Opioids and Managing Pain in Remote Areas
  4. Opioids, Memories and Prison Healthcare
Pain Management Programmes
  1. Pain Management in Young People
  2. Experts by Experience: Working together in pain management programmes
  3. Power over Mind and Body
  4. Transforming Pain Services: Joining up pain management and involving the patient
Neuropathic Pain
  1. Pain Management & Taking the Sting Out the Tail of Neuropathic Pain
  2. Diabetic Neuropathy
  3. Nerve Pain and How to Manage it
  4. Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pelvic Pain and Cannabis
Gender Differences
  1. Domestic Violence and Chronic Pain
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Gender and Communication
Staying Active
  1. Exercise and Improving Mobility
  2. Exercise and Managing Pain
  3. The Pain Toolkit
  4. Back Pain
Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Diabetic Neuropathy
  3. Pacing and Arthritis
  4. A Heads-Up on Migraines
Pain and the Elderly
  1. Pacing and Arthritis
  2. Growing Older with Pain
  3. Arthritis: Challenging perceptions
  4. Pain Management at Both Extremes of Life
Young people and pain
  1. Children in Pain
  2. Young People in Pain
  3. Family Therapy
  4. Children in Pain
Best of Airing Pain 2: Know your pain
  1. Nerve Pain and How to Manage it
  2. Primary Care and Pain in the Brain
  3. Brain Imaging: Looking into your pain
  4. What is Pain?
Best of Airing Pain 1: Pain management essentials
  1. Learning to Live with Pain
  2. Pacing and Arthritis
  3. Exercise and Improving Mobility
  4. Effective Communication: Patients and professionals