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The skills I learnt as a police officer for over 25 years continue to serve me well to this day. Road policing, later CID and child protection, I interviewed some of the most vulnerable and traumatised human beings. I now bring that experience to conversations I have with people who have interesting and inspiring stories to tell.

Music under license from Episound.

Any disclosures made in these podcasts have been previously reported to the relevant authorities. These are my opinions based on my own experiences. They are not to be taken as fact and my views do not represent anyone else other than myself. Third party contributors express their own views, invited or otherwise. I exercise no editorial control over those third party views and as such publishing such views are not to be taken as my endorsement of them.

DCT Audio. The home of great podcasts

Dave Thomas
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The Corner Shop
  1. The Corner Shop preview in aid of the Poppy Appeal
  2. The Corner Shop. Episode 1
  3. The Corner Shop. Episode 2
The Travelling Storyteller
  1. Dimpsey Dusk by Eily Nash
  2. The Magic Music Man
  3. Dimpsey Dusk by Eily Nash
My Favourite Poem
  1. Comraidship by Edgar Albert Guest
  2. If by Rudyard Kipling
  3. Ithaca by Constantine Cavafy
  4. Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
33 Minutes
  1. Liam Mahon
A Mindful Life
  1. Talking to Ian McMillan, poet and broadcaster on Radio 3 The Verb.
  2. Talking to The Cat from Greece about juggling the role of barrister and police officer.
  3. Talking to Georgie Vestey about her experiences of death and bereavement.
  4. Talking to Chris Hobbs about his police service in and around Southall.
Walk the Talk
  1. Sam Murray. Former Royal Marine.
  2. A journey into PTSD and the collapse of a shed. Part 1
  3. Steps to recovery and a brand new shed. Part 2
  4. TONI WHITE: Men’s mental health advocate.
The Thin Blue Mind
  1. Andy Cooke QPM DL
  2. End of year review 2022
  3. Leadership and wellbeing.
  4. Misdemeanours and folklore.