Stories Fables Ghostly Tales Podcast

Stories Fables Ghostly Tales Podcast

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Your Tale Teller brings you horror, mystery, intrigue, and all in all Storytelling fun! Join me, your Aussie Tale Teller narrating a HUGE variety of stories from an almost endless set of genre's. There is literally a story for everyone on this Podcast and I can't wait to bring them to your lovely ears.

What stories do I share?
  • Nosleep
  • Creepypasta
  • Classic Horror Fiction
  • Folk Stories
  • Remastered Old Time Radio Episodes
  • Culturally specific Folk Tales and Research Pieces
  • Paranormal and Ghost Stories
  • Reddit tales like Let's Not Meet
  • Listener Submitted stories and more - NO ADS ever!
This Podcast is supported by listeners, 100% no advertisements, and with over 600+ episodes strong, at you finger tips.

Also, feel free to reach out to me at any time, and have a fun listening.

As always mates, till next,!

-The Tale Teller