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LID Radio focuses on current trends and features conversations with some of the brightest minds, top experts and influencers in the area of business, entrepreneurship, smart thinking and personal development. It is the podcast of choice for those seeking practical advice, smart solutions and information to achieve success in their professional and personal lives.

The Soft Skills Book Playlist
  1. How to leverage soft skills to become highly effective and valued with Dan White
  2. How to manage workplace personalities and conflict with Dan White
  3. How to choose the right managerial approach for you and build a great team with Dan White
  4. How to project manage effectively with delegation and time management by Dan White
The Smart Thinking Book by Kevin Duncan
  1. How to communicate effectively by Kevin Duncan
  2. How to innovate by Kevin Duncan
  3. How to be creative with Kevin Duncan
  4. How to grow your business with Kevin Duncan
Inside Knowledge
  1. US Business Culture: How to influence your US counterparts by Allyson Stewart-Allen
  2. The E5 Movement: Leadership through the rule of 5 (part 3)
  3. The ins and outs of international business expansion by Allyson Stewart-Allen
  4. 10 ways to be smarter about your creativity by Kevin Duncan
International Women's Day 2021
  1. How to put CSR at the heart of your company and maximise the business benefits with Sangeeta Waldron
  2. How to create a culture where employees thrive with Paula Leach
  3. Social Entrepreneurship: A better way of thinking about a sustainable future with Mel Young and Alexandra Matthews
  4. How to make your brand binge-worthy with Carlijn Postma
ILM Podcast
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