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The Tony Central podcast is the only true unfiltered platform, welcoming a wide variety of professionals who are relenting in their quest for relative success. Anthony “Famine” Reyes, a Union City, NJ Arts pioneer; (self-educated Music Producer, Engineer, Graphic Designer, and Video Director) alongside co-host Martin “Mello” Pearson (Bronx, NY native and performing artist with a keen sense of observation) provide their guests a chance to step from behind the studio glass, camera, mic, board, or anywhere else for that matter, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. With in-depth interviews, laugh inducing moments, and inspiring mixes by DJ Kenny Maneuver as a change of pace, the formula for your next favorite podcast is here. Subscribe, listen, and partake in their weekly conversations by using the show’s signature line #ButYoLetMeAskYouAQuestion on social media.