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Thinking Digital
  1. The worlds greatest freestyle rapper @ChrisPJTurner at #TDC17 #NSFW
  2. Discussing 10 years of Thinking Digital with @Tomscott #TDC17
  3. Thinking Digital 2017 begins! #TDC17
  4. A musicians guide to invention
MoJoCon 2017
  1. Go where the light is or take it with you. A conversation with Mornee Sherry #LumeCube
  2. Talking 360 with @PaulGailey at #MojoCon
  3. 48 hours in multisensory VR with @VirtualSarahJ #MojoCon
  4. Brian from ‪@Irishwebtv ‬and his mobile TV studio
Over The Air 2016
  1. Geeking out with @SamMachin from @Nexmo at @OverTheAir #OTA16
  2. Reflecting on nine years of @Overtheair with @Torgo & @mobilemaggie #ota16
  3. Chatting with @mseckington about early @OverTheAir and employee evangelism. #ota16
  4. Talking hackthons, tech culture and @crateio with @jesslynnrose at #ota16
Elevate 2015
  1. Elevate 2015
  2. How to control your data shadow - @info_activism
  3. You are what you don't. Finding solidarity with @dcisbusy
  4. Meet @charleskriel Ex-Clown & Friend of Freaks
The Elevate Festival
  1. Thomas Waitz Politician and Organic Farmer
  2. Let's have some solidarity
  3. Zain Aiman is a refugee in Graz
  4. Vandana Shiva on Genetically Modified Organisms
Elevate 2014
  1. Surveillance Self Defence with @Legind and @MicahfLee
  2. Living a free and abundant life without money @elfPavlik
  3. Dean Puckett (@DeanPuckettFilm) and his Sengwer documentary
  4. We're all leaders. A chat with @NafeezAhmed and @Antonino44
  1. Tom is new to being homeless
  2. Learning about @CryptoCatApp from @Kaepora
  3. Talking @StationX the heros of cryptography and @TNMOC
  4. On our side. A chat with Birgitta Jónsdóttir aka @birgittaj
The Making of Merica Adams
  1. Time travelling assassin Merica Adams
  2. A chat at lunch with @HarukaAbe
  3. A chat with Dan Ings between takes
  4. Sound Wizard @S_Kilpatrick talks about sound in film
  1. Stealing a moment with Birgitta Jónsdóttir
  2. Stay critical. A chat with @Mihi_tr
  3. Ksenia Ermoshina talks activism and the Russian Centre Against Extremism
  4. Katrín Oddsdòttir and a constitution in stasis
  1. Exploring the @EdenProject with @TinyBullock
  2. At @Wshed in Bristol running a storymaking workshop
  3. BDSM and Spirituality with Alison Robertson
  4. Under a canal bridge sharing stories
  1. An audio tour of Rennes Saturday Market
  2. Cycling along the Nantes Brest canal
  3. An impromptu breakfast blues session. 'Tree House Blues'.
  4. Geocaching at sea with a modern day treasure hunter
  1. The 1984 Symposium Connects Orwell's Writing Retreat with his Resting Place
  2. Is resistance futile?
  3. Introducing Year Seven at Orwells Graveside
  4. The best type of control is the type we enjoy.
Thinking Digital 2013
  1. Neil Chambers plays (& makes) the Uilleann Pipes
  2. A snatched moment with @CubicGarden
  3. Documentary robots from @BlabDroid
  4. 201 countries without flying. A chat with @EveryCountry
New Zealand
  1. Pounding the streets of Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Thanking @RepublicMoto for a day biking round North Auckland.
  3. Diversity in the high street.
  4. Penny Bright protests the privatisation of Mighty River Power
  1. Jacob Appelbaum aka @ioerror on securing your online communication
  2. Martin Schlatzer from BOKU Vienna on food ecology
  3. Dr @NafeezAhmed on seeding a new society
  4. Talking Climate Crisis with Stephan Rahmstorf aka @Rahmstorf
  1. Paris smells of wine, books and Christmas trees
  2. Under the sea with @PeterGregson and @gprokofiev
  3. Shed prep for the week ahead
  4. Sodden, not downtrodden
  1. A message from Istanbul
  2. Please evacuate the building!
  3. Daniel O'Donnell wine maker & mucker about.
  4. A traditional Eastern Turkish breakfast
  1. The Mixed Up Sounds of The Milton Keynes International Festival
  2. Photographing Festivals with @Mubsta
  3. L'orchestre d'hommes-orchestre
  4. Backstage with @RonJichardson
The Do Lectures
  1. Joel Bukiewicz The Knife Maker
  2. Keep a Young Brain When Summing Up. The DoLectures 2012 Part 6of6
  3. Fighting the Good Fight. The DoLectures 2012 Part 5of6
  4. Serendipity Farming. The DoLectures 2012 Part 4of6
Thinking Digital 2012
  1. The illustrated guide to diarrhoea and other delights with @JenniferGardy
  2. Robotic Surgery with Aimee Di Marco
  3. Simons Frances - Every Fingerprint tells a story
  4. Bubble Physics with @HelenCzerski