The First Podcast

The First Podcast

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A relatively normal guy and an alien fall ass-backwards into interviews with people that are household names on the internet, and somehow manage to pull it off.

Upcoming episode releases:

  • 4/2 mrmeatman

  • 4/8 Vsauce2 Kevin and Matt from The Create Unknown

  • 4/15 Andrew Huang

Upcoming live recordings:

  • 4/8 SoCal Christ

  • 4/15 Kdin Jenzen

  • 4/22 Dingo Doodles

  • 4/29 Nyanners

  • 5/6 TheAMaazing

  • 5/13 LavenderTowne

Booked guests:

  • Cherdleys

  • Jim from RebelTaxi's Pizza Party Podcast

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