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"It's all of us bro."

Created in 2018, and hosted by 2 brown boy movie directors from Southeast L.A. (Angel Salinas & Chris Carmona). The hosts (also known as The Ustlers) discuss all things pop culture (specifically BROWN pop culture) as well as highlighting various local artists from our surrounding cities. 

In exploring the full spectrum of what it means to be a Latinx creative, both seasons of The Us Podcast are a documentation and time capsule of the rise of the show's protagonists, but also a celebration and redefinition of what it means to be an independent artist of COLOR.

This is the one and only: US PODCAST.
Accept no substitutes.

Sit back and take a listen to our show:
Season 1 - 25 episodes
Season 2 (Level Two) - 17 episodes
Season 3 - (????) - Coming 2022