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What does it take to make travel better for people and the planet? Join travel writer Erin Hynes, podcast producer, Kattie Laur, and their guests, as they explore their curiosities about what truly makes travel and tourism responsible.

Formerly known as Alpaca My Bags Podcast.
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Curious Tourism: Responsible Travel Podcast

Erin Elizabeth Hynes of Pina Travels
121 episodes
Sustainability and Travel
  1. Your Guide to Sustainable Travel
  2. Should We Feel #FLYSHAME?
  3. Can Indigenous Representation Save Canadian Tourism?
  4. Cruises and Overtourism: What Happens Behind the Scenes
Season 3
  1. BONUS: Ask Us Anything!
  2. Lets Unpack Colonialism & Travel
  3. Are Tour Groups a Responsible Way to Travel?
  4. Are Tour Groups a Responsible Way to Travel?
Season 2
  1. How Travel Influencing Works
  2. Budget Travel 101: The Good, The Bad, The Balance
  3. Cultural Appropriation: At Home and Abroad
  4. #PodcastersForJustice
Season 1
  1. Unpacking Spiritualism in Lily Dale, NY
  2. What is Homesickness?
  3. What Is It Like to Immigrate?
  4. Visiting an Ontario Alpaca Farm

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