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Nina S. and her co-hosts are more than just film nerds, they're holiday obsessed too! With her knowledge for filmmaking and her admiration for all things festive, Nina created Salem & Binx Present… initially to accompany her holiday-themed blog Salem & Binx, but also to further explore seasonal cinema. While the blog focuses on holiday lifestyle - from seasonal merch' picks to holiday how-to's - the podcast Salem & Binx Present… will feature Nina and an array of guests with backgrounds in comedy, filmmaking, and writing discussing our culture's favorite holiday movies. Whether it's Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, there's always a holiday on its way, and any time is a good time to turn to those holiday-related or seasonally-themed flicks we grew up watching every year, as well as to new, or even lesser-known, favorites. Nina and her co-hosts' mission is to approach each film they examine with genuine intrigue; to inform, entertain, and keep alive any and all holiday spirit throughout the year. You make it a tradition to tune into your favorite holiday movies, so make it a tradition to tune into Salem & Binx Present… as they discuss said favorites. For all things festive, log onto Salem & Binx, and of course tune into Salem & Binx Present…