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Become The Pitmaster You've Always Dreamed Of!

Where did The BBQ CULTure get it's start? It was a millennia ago...

Let me tell you the story...

In the beginning there was a Really hungry dude. Let's call him "Jim".

Jim was not the everyday run of the mill cave dude. Jim was special in that he was always out messin around tryin to make things that people needed. He enjoyed life. He had a fine looking mate. She was always around the place keepin things together while Jim was out tryin to make the next big thing. The other cave dudes thought Jim was crazy! He was always makin weird new stuff. Most of the time people just laughed at him but once in a while he would hit it. He came up with helpful things like the wheel, new kinds of shelter, maybe comin' up with a new kinda door for the shelter.

He would work all day in the cold or the heat and when he got tired or there was no more sun, he would go back to his place for dinner. He would eat the same thing every meal. It was pretty much nuts, berries, and green stuff. The he would go to sleep and repeat the motions the next day.

One cold fall day he was makin a new wheel for a neighbor. He was chippin away at the rock and he noticed a spark flew off the rock chip and landed in a pile of dry grass. Then the grass was smokin and started to flame up. Jim had never seen this before! He grabbed a stick nearby and threw it at it to make it go away. It didn't go away, it just got bigger. So he thought he would throw a bigger stick at it. That didn't work either! He noticed something though, he was getting warm and the new thing smelled kinda good too. He kept it goin while he was workin because it was keepin him warm.

Pretty soon his mate started yellin at him. There was a deer eatin her green stuff. Jim did the usual, he went and got his long stick with a sharpened rock on it and threw it at the deer and killed it. Usually he would just dump it in a hole far away from his place but this time he thought, " Maybe I'll cut off a chunk and throw it in the fire and see what happens." So he did just that. Pretty soon it started smellin good. He noticed it made him really hungry. He thought to himself, "if it smells that good it must taste good too!"

Jim was scared but he got a long stick and pulled the chunk of deer out of the fire, cleaned it up a little, and took a bite. He was blown away! He shouted out "Guys! come get a load of this!" He made a commotion and a few of his neighbor dudes came out to have a look. He said, "here, eat this!" they of course thought he was crazy but it did smell good… I mean REALLY Good! So one by one they took a bite. To their surprise this was the greatest thing they had ever eaten!

Jim had done it again! He hit it! He and his cave dude neighbors hollered at their mates and together they ate the whole deer. Things were never the same again. They had the urge to kill more deer, then other critters, then they found cattle, pigs, chickens, and all sorts of other critters that didn't bite back. They started raising them critters so they could eat them.

Jim had invented something way more valuable than anything he had invented before, he invented BBQ. He had changed mankind forever with this new food. He had invented one more thing that was more important than that though, he created the BBQ Culture. Pretty soon he was teaching people to butcher the animals, how to prepare them, how to start a new thing he called fire, and how to eat happy.

Our mission with this podcast is to set your inner "Jim" free. We want to see you catch the same thing that Jim caught and spread to all the world, "The BBQ CULTure". Inside the BBQ CULTure there is no hate, no fear, no negativity. Only positive, forward motion. We have taken an oath to teach those that want to be set free from the nuts, berries, green stuff, and cold unhappy dinners, our way of life.

Welcome to The BBQ CULTure, enjoy your new tribe!