The Ski Podcast

The Ski Podcast

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Want to know more about the world of skiing?

The Ski Podcast is a UK-based podcast that looks at at all aspects of the world of skiing and snowboarding, from resorts to racing, Ski Sunday to slush.

It is hosted by Iain Martin, who is joined by guests from the world of snow to chat about wintery stuff and probe around in the avalanche of ski news.

Iain is part of the ski and snowboard industry furniture. He spent many winters in the mountains and went on to found - the season workers' website. He now works runs Skipedia - a digital marketing consultancy specialising in snowsports - and is founder of Ski Flight Free - a campaign to encourage skiers to take the train or drive rather than flying to their ski holiday.

The podcast was co-founded by Jim Duncombe, who left the show in 2020, but still occasionally appears as guest.

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