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UnConvicted Podcast

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UnConvicted Podcast takes listeners on an investigative journey...

...or an investigative road trip with way too many bathroom breaks and pit stops for souvenirs, but hey we’ll get there eventually!

Welcome to UnConvicted Podcast! This podcast will attempt to unravel the truth (or at least maybe come up with some potential new theories?) behind REAL events by taking an analytical magnifying glass to True Crime.

Have you ever been labeled an “over-thinker”? Do your analytical habits sometimes get you pegged as “extra”? If you answered yes to either of those (and if you kinda love true crime), then....same. I’m your host, Amanda. I’ll be taking an amateur, yet semi-hands-on approach to investigating case theories, from those unexplored to even the ones that resulted in a questionably case-closed. My methods fall somewhere in between crazy-lady-armchair-detective and legit investigative journalism (minus the legit college degree though, sorry pops). My goal & the purpose of this podcast is truly just to shed new light on criminal cases that I believe deserve higher justice by increasing the public's awareness. So join me as I blab away endlessly into the mic all of my over-thought thoughts about some select True Crime cases. Please forgive me in advance, though, as I drink A LOT of water and this is my first ever “road-trip”...

(^ if that wasn’t clear, just saying this is my first podcast and I’m a newbie, be gentle)


The theories, research, discussions, and everything else shared on this podcast are not intended to effect the cases in any way or supply any new or additional evidence to law enforcement or the families of victims discussed. Nothing discussed on this podcast has been supplied to me for the purpose of swaying the public opinion, nor has any of the information shared been verified as credible with any credible agency/source. This podcast is for public entertainment purposes only and intends only to share and discuss the opinions of the public community. Anything discussed on this podcast is also not intended to bring any unwanted attention to any individuals involved in the cases being discussed, nor offend anyone involved. I welcome anyone with any concerns to contact me directly as soon as possible to review content that may appear to do so. I’m not a professional in any field involving crime, investigation, law, analysis, journalism, research, etc. I’m just a mom who’s way too into True Crime and bought a podcast mic. 🎙