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Welcome to UnConvicted. This podcast will attempt to dive deeper into the details surrounding REAL True Crime cases that have yet to be solved...

The purpose of this podcast is to shed new light on underreported cases by exploring overlooked avenues and hearing the untold perspectives. By increasing the public's awareness in these cases, it is my hope to bring them one step closer to being solved so that the victims and their loved ones may finally get the justice that they deserve. 

The theories, research, and discussions shared on this podcast include a combination of media reports and personal interviews. This information is intended only to secure community engagement and is not intended to damage the integrity of any ongoing investigations by law enforcement. This podcast does not intend to provide false information regarding cases discussed, nor has any of the information shared been verified as true with any credible agency/source. This podcast is for public entertainment purposes only and intends only to share and discuss the opinions of the public community. Anything discussed on this podcast is not intended to bring any unwanted attention to the individuals involved in the cases being discussed. I am not a professional in any field involving crime, investigation, law, analysis, journalism, research, etc. and the production of this podcast is done recreationally. 🎙