Adventures In George school

Adventures In George school

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Adventures in George School is a fictional short story of a scientific experiment gone wrong. When Dr. Samuel's inadvertently brings creatures from a different dimension to our world. The unimaginable chaos that ensues for a group of friends as they try to reach West Virginia.  

Written by Darryl Isaac. 
This is an adaptation of that story featuring a cast of vivid characters acted out live by The Daytona Beach Post Office employees and various other members of the Community. 

List of characters:
Main Cast:
Dman, Patti, Frank, Leslie, Mike, Yvonne, Robbie, Brodrick, Jimmy, Elise, Sam, Terry, Cliff, Carol, Lorain, Ray, General Stapleton, Lieutenant Cobb, Sargent Packard, President Price, , Weems, Portes
Mayha, Lothous, Ahree, Corien, Rainin, Cainin

Nancy Gordena,Tom Billingsworth, Charlie CarMichael, Anna Vappermen, 
Misty Ann Agor, Ama Hanger, Patrick Plains,

Written & Directed By: Darryl Isaac

Music by: Crashrocket, Darryl Isaac