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Adventures in George School is a collection of scripted audio dramas performed by the Daytona Beach Postal employees and members of the community. We have different journeys for you to take.

Adventures in George School:
Is fictional short story of a scientific experiment gone wrong. When Dr. Samuel's inadvertently brings creatures from a different dimension to our world. The unimaginable chaos that ensues for a group of friends as they try to reach West Virginia. But soon find themselves back in the grips of the military.

The Imprintess:
Captain Carden and his crew receive command of Earth Forces newest Destroyer. During their first mission the crew finds out who also wants The Imprintess. 

Our One off shows:

The House Of Benedick
A group Of teenagers get caught up in a cults evil plan to bring back there founder Midland Benedick.

Guys Night Out:
Five friends go out for an evening of fun but fall victim to a madman's evil game. Who will survive.
More to come

All shows
Written by Darryl Isaac.
Production done by: Darryl Isaac
Music by: Crashrocket, and Darryl Isaac
Sound effects:
Soundly.com  Ghosthack Audio 
And Darryl Isaac.

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Adventures In George school

Adventures In George school
42 episodes / 2.93K listens

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