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Nrmbrg 2.0
  1. QROT-04: "Solution 90% effective!" If we measure differently than we have this whole time.
  2. TSOT018: Logic Strings on When "Preventative Treatments" COULD Be Their Own Problem
  3. QROT-05: Study Proves Something We Know
  4. QROT-09: (QROT-07-02?) - Follow-up - More specific distinction
  1. TSOT023: Reading of "Isaiah's Job". Long live the Remnant!
  2. QROT-081: A Constitutional Crisis: A reading.
  3. TSOT024: I, Pencil
Self Awareness and Improvement and Observations Thereto
  1. TSOT003: [Four] Hour Work Week Calipari (2017)
  2. QROT-071: Bread Crumbs on Intriguing Minds
  3. QROT-082: Self-Stewardship. Do you practice it?
  4. QROT-085 : Giving Yourself Permission to Change Your Self Perception. An important step.
  1. TSOT010 Sports: Chiefs 4-2 crisis, Pats excellence, horrible calls & rules
  2. TSOT006: Sergio Masters, Tiger Greatness
  3. TSOT005: Raiders Move & NCAA NC ban
  4. TSOT004: NBA Rest & Bright Future (2017)
Covidity Stupidity
  1. TSOT011 Back with a Covid Vengeance
  2. TSOT012 Covidity Lividity - analysis and data
  3. TSOT013: Stuvid, a simulcast
  4. TSOT015: Dots Connecting