The RE-Focus Podcast hosted by Angela Stephens interviews CEO's Sr Executives, ADHD Coaches, Business Coaches, Presidents, Surgeons, & more on how they FOCUS & RE-FOCUS when they face adversity.  

Think of it this way: If a Surgeon will be performing surgery on your loved one, you want that Surgeon to have "Game On" - however we are all human. If that person gets a call and finds out he is facing a new lawsuit, or finds out his head Nurse is leaving, or there are issues with their children at school.... they may get frazzled. You want that Surgeon to have "Game On" So how does that Surgeon FOCUS & pull it together at those moments?  We want to know...and so do many others around the globe want to know as well! This Podcast is not just for individuals with ADHD. This Podcast, along with our Company: RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE is for anyone who wants to FOCUS, & become more organized, & be able to FOCUS.

A Woman Owned Diversity Supplier Business, certified with WBENC, WOSB, &
Disability.IN All of our products are created: "Through the eyes of a child with ADHD...." we create products that help you FOCUS...& RE-FOCUS. 
  • That child? That child is the CEO's son. As a single Mother to a high functioning ADHD child, she realized she had to start looking "through his eyes" to find out what worked & didn't work. Today, that child? Today is in his 2nd year of College, a Co-Founder, & also created our 1st suite of products. He was diagnosed in the 5th Grade with ADHD. Our CEO Angela Stephens, was diagnosed at age 45. 
  • Our passion and mission is to change the stigma of ADHD and to encourage people that no matter what they face in life, once they get focused, they can be brilliant. We are truly an example of that in our story. RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE is currently on Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Hy-Vee, CVS, Zulily, E-Bay, our own E-Commerce Store, Google Merchant,,  & now in over 200 stores in March.  Social media Links below:
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