Richard and Rishi Talk...

Richard and Rishi Talk...

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Experienced broadcaster Rishi Persad, more accustomed to interviewing the likes of Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, downs his sports microphone and enters the world of another of his passions, the human condition.

He has teamed up with highly sought after expert in the field, Richard Moat, and between them they unpick the stitching on some of the most common challenges people do and don't realise they are wrestling with, taking a counter intuitive, myth-busting, and in places provocative approach to helping understand how to deal with what life is demanding.

Inspired by the emergence of the pandemic of 2020, this series promises to deal with issues not usually talked about in such practical terms.

The duo's refreshing approach makes this an arresting and challenging listen, as it invites the listener to question long-held personal beliefs and widely accepted norms about how to deal with testing times, events, and circumstances.

No topic is immune from Richard and Rishi's sincere and unapologetic examination, with every episode offering wisdom, insight and practical solutions for creating sustainable, positive change.