Funny personal stories, dark confessions and empathetic interviews with weird, wonderful and often hilarious guests. Entertainer, storyteller, artist and podcast host/producer, Esperanza Phoenix brings to life unusual experiences, struggles with mental and physical illnesses and how humor, therapy and entheogenic plants help some of us to survive. Humans possess the amazing ability to shift their perspective and develop better coping mechanisms by learning from the stories of others. We are not alone on this roller coaster of life, grab a friend, buckle up and hold on. We cover adult topics, including sex and sexuality, LGBTQ issues, child abuse, trauma, the #MeToo movement, systemic racism, religious oppression, the use of cannabis and plant medicine, indigenous culture as well as other controversial subjects, some of which may be triggering for some listeners. We are all adults here, there is often swearing. 
Life can be a crazy journey, let's unpack it together.