Louis Horne: Jazz Diaries
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“I was a child star, now I’m gonna be a man star.”
Winner of Is Wales Talented in 1994, a life of money, fame and excess took its toll on Jazz trumpeter Louis Horne. Drink, drugs and scandal trailed the eight-year-old wherever he went and after a moment of phallic revelation that will live in infamy, his fledgling career was derailed. Now as a washed-up, washed-out and weighty 33-year-old, he’s decided it’s time for a comeback.
Join Louis as he tries to crack the London Jazz scene and gives you VIP access to a world where bebop and brawling go hand-in-hand.
You will learn more about exhilarating late-night jams, seedy promoters doing dodgy deals and the deep-seated rivalry among London’s Jazz performers, which has spilled over into vicious retribution, with musicians regularly being mutilated, abducted and disappearing altogether. 
You will have a front row seat at the gig of a lifetime as you join Louis in his attempts to make it in the modern world of celebrity and social media, while bearing witness to the part he plays in escalating tensions among London’s Jazz gangs, as nervous musicians arm themselves for the inevitable violent climax to come.