I often wondered if I'm an anomaly. Is working a 15 hour day, coming up against barriers, making mistakes but constantly striving for excellence and differentiation normal?

I am Oliver Bruce, a founder and media entrepreneur. I started this podcast during the pandemic to speak candidly to other founder entrepreneurs in order to seek some solace and understanding into what makes an 'entrepreneur' and to reaffirm a few questions of mine.

I was amazed at the caliber of individual that wanted to chat and how what's perceived in the public-eye as 'success' was a long, tough and arduous journey often time and time again.

So often being at the 'top' can be lonely. Over 4 series now I have spoken to business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs from start-ups to multi-billion pound businesses across the globe in an effort to understand what makes them tick, how they motivate themselves and their biggest regrets, mistakes and barriers.

I hope those that listen to this podcast find some inspiration, reignite a hidden passion or continue to strive for excellence in their business, career or daily lives!

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