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A podcast where we speak to founders and entrepreneurs from businesses you’ve always wanted to know more about. We delve into the formative years of their business lives and ask those with the inside track on start-up and scale-up life the questions I wish I knew the answers to when I started out so you should too! 

So, when should you raise VC funding? Should founders give all employees equity? And what do the acronyms banded around in boardrooms like SEIS, EIS, TAM and VAT actually mean for you as a founder? We shed light on just how many founders are neurologically diverse and show you how to get through times when the things get tough, as they will...

Hosted by me Oliver Bruce a Dyslexic, Dyspraxic entrepreneur with ADHD my business journey so far really exciting. I have built multi-million-pound businesses, I have invested at Seed and Series A stage and I have launched this podcast now ranked in the top 5% of business podcast globally and guess what, I have loved every minute as I hope you do to!   

Recent winners of Campaign Publishing business podcast of the year with judges saying "This podcast has identified a niche in the market and sets out to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs honestly and ethically"

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Success Is In The Mind with Oliver Bruce

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