Sinners are often people who believe they deserve everything little thing they desire and hurting others along the way….well that’s just road kill. On a small scale, it’s scary, but on the scale these people have done it, it’s down right evil. Religion, Church, Preachers, can be your saving grace, sure, but what if Preachers used your trusting ear, for their down right dirty deeds and they did it in plain sight? On TV, in your parish, in your own home. Trickery, sales tactics, and a heavy lack of guilt made for a cast of greedy gluttons with pay to pray ministries signing their followers up into debt with God. These narcissists got high on money, sex and power, all under the guise that God talks to them. They preach a phony gospel on the world’s stage, but what happened behind the scenes will make your skin crawl. In Season 1 we uncover Seven Deadly Sins of Power Hungry Preachers. I’m Rachael O’Brien, the creator and Host of 7 Deadly Sinners and I'll be guiding you on this hellish journey. So close your eyes, bow your heads and buckle up.