Join Ankita a.k.a the HR Bandit for a fun-filled conversation on what’s happening around the world and its impact on how we work. News, events, research, crazy ideas, and work experiments – this podcast covers it all. 

So, grab a cup (glass) of coffee (wine), sit back, and enjoy the banter.
The podcast is a part of the new workplace initiative and sponsored by the kind folks over at NHRDN Hyderabad. 

All views, expressed are that of the speakers and are not the positions, strategies, or opinions of the organizations they are associated with. 

The National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN) in its over 33 years of existence has played a catalyst role in preparing the leaders of today and tomorrow. With over 13,000 members representing all aspects of work in India, NHRDN is a lodestar of the Indian industry. And now, it continues its commitment to enhancing HR capabilities with an all-new voice.