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There's so much TV, it’s time to talk about it in a different way. Hosted by TV development execs Dan Brown and Brandy Crawford-Uriu, TV BFFs is an interview show all about the TV shows that people love most! 

Each episode we're bringing on guests to pick their Top 6 Shows of all-time, based on what we call the BFF Criteria.  They choose 2 shows in each of the 3 categories: BEST, FAVORITE and FOREVER - get it? BFF!  Basically, we’re creating all-time greatest TV lists based on the personality and experience of our incredible guests. 

From comedians and podcasters to authors and producers, no two BFF Criteria are the same.  So if you're looking for a new way to get TV recommendations or you just want to hear amazing personalities talk about the shows most influential to them, then TV BFFs is the podcast for you!