Call her a unicorn. A driven career woman who takes her work seriously - but never herself. A textbook definition of a sexpot - but with more interest in destroying everyone in her all-male fantasy football leagues than getting caught up in the dating scene.

In short: Nicole Adamo (@nickilishious) - media personality and publicist/marketing agent to some of your favorite professional athletes and entertainers -is an unfiltered alpha female for the new millennium that everyone can relate to, and learn a lot from. She's taking you on the wild journey of navigating life from your 20s through your 30s.

Fellas - Welcome to the wing woman command center. It's time to find out what women really think of your game and what it takes to get the attention of the hottest girl in any room.

Ladies: This is your go-to guide to becoming an alpha female. You'll learn how to get what you want out of your career, sex, relationships, and more, and why it's always to your benefit to let your most authentic self shine through, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

In this ongoing podcast, Nicole unveils decades worth of knowledge and experiences from her life as 'one of the guys’ through a series of intimate conversations with some of your favorite athletes and celebrities, as well as friends (with and without benefits), family members, colleagues, and maybe even a few ex-boyfriends.

Buckle up for a wild ride. There's never been so much confidence and candor in such a pretty little package. Because Nicole Adamo is Not Just One of the Guys.