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The RE-FOCUS CAREERS Podcast with Angela Stephens creates a platform on what different types of careers are out there, and what they look like from an inside view...

Make today the first day of your new life and possibly your new career!
Refocus Careers features interviews on various types of Careers and finding out what their world looks like.

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  • Maybe you don't know what you want to do in life. 
  • Maybe you have been in that job for 20 years and are burned out. 
  • Is College for you? 
  • Are expectations from others too much?
  • Parents, are you frustrated that your young adult is not moving on? I have been there and can help with insight.
 YOU are important.

Podcast Host: Angela Stephens has over 30 years of Executive Search experience as she is the Founder & President of A. Stephens & Associates.
She interviews various leaders in different industries on their careers. What their day to day jobs are like. Maybe you want to be a pilot, a teacher, a racecar driver, an author, and many more career ideas. We will find out their day to day jobs, what it looks like, what those job require. What it takes to make it in their business.

Maybe.... just maybe this will be your new career.... or maybe it may not be what you think it seems.

We have the answers, the interviews, and Angela Stephens finds out everything you ever wanted to know. In addition, Angela Stephens has over 30 years in the Executive Search Industry, She has interviewed execs for over 30 years daily.

She is now offering private coaching and has a methodology to help you redefine your life, to refocus on what you want, and to help you figure out what has been missing. It is never too late. Angela Stephens has the unique ability to help you find out new possibilities that you may or may not have thought about. Don't wait, if your interested, you can email us for pricing on private coaching at subject line: Private Coaching. You can also sign up for updates on new podcast episodes at
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Refocus Careers

Angela Stephens, a 30 year Retained Executive Search Consultant & Coach
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