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Invisible Chess: A podcast dedicated to blindfold Chess & visualisation

Whether you're already an experienced blindfoldista or are brand new to this; whether you're a relative chess beginner or maybe even a master - this is a podcast that will have something for you.

I'm Jonathan (GetBentLarsent on chess websites). I've been a serious chess player for 35 years, for several years a fulltime professional chess coach and a longtime fan of playing chess without sight of the board and pieces.

This podcast will give you
  • training exercises and materials;
  • techniques and methods to play chess blindfold;
  • dedicated episodes aimed at beginners and newcomers;
  • suggestions and tips on how to create a blindfold chess training programme that will last because it fits in harmoniously with all your existing commitments - on the chessboard and away from it.
Perhaps most importantly, since the number one reason why chess players don't try blindfold chess training is the feeling that they will not be able to do it, Invisible Chess will help you build your motivation and belief that visualisation work can be for you.

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