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Money and Me
Financial insights that add to your wealth.

Money and Me (https://moneyandme.pgimindiamf.com) is an investor awareness initiative by PGIM India Mutual Fund. From Gen Z to retirees, the website offers tailored insights for each persona to help you save, manage household budget, secure your family through insurance and invest as per your life goals.  We aim to help investors to take financial decisions, pursue their passion, and achieve their life goals by following the right sequencing viz. budgeting, protection, savings and investing. With this podcast, we hope to help investors imbibe financial discipline to attain financial independence at every stage of life. 

With a plethora of investment strategies and products, understanding the drivers behind the performance of each asset class, how much and where to allocate your money can be daunting.  Money and Me is a fortnightly podcast which provides investment insights that equip you to manage your investment portfolios efficiently. This podcast aims to explain key concepts of investing, assist you in navigating your portfolio in an ever-changing world. Listen to this podcast to equip yourself with the latest trends in investing and personal finance to make smart investment choices. 

Money Buddy                                                                                                          Insights on personal finance made easy.

Anxiety chiefly stems from investor behaviour. There are two predominant behaviour traits in particular that lead to anxiety: crystal ball gazing and not focusing on processes. Many investors who suffer from financial anxiety indulge in the impossible task of timing the market. Investors can instead follow broad rules of thumb focused on asset allocation and diversification. Focus on the processes and controlling the controllable and not worry too much about factors which are beyond one’s control.

This podcast guides you to understand the biases investors encounter while investing, how to overcome them to make rational choices and serves as a guide to investors looking to reduce their financial anxiety by building good financial habits.

PGIM India Mutual Fund is a wholly owned business of PGIM, the global investment management business of the US based Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI). PGIM India Mutual Fund offers a broad range of equity and fixed income solutions to retail and institutional investors throughout the country. We manage 23 open-ended funds operated by 17 investment professionals. 
Gain from experience is the cornerstone of the brand. Built on a 145-year legacy and powered by its in-depth learnings, PGIM India Mutual Fund is committed to helping people achieve financial wellness and reduce financial anxiety while offering a breadth of investment choices.