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I’ve always been a very private person, a bit of a hermit at heart,
but in recent years I felt compelled to come out of my comfort zone and share my thoughts and experience, in the hope, that I may inspire
and encourage a positive change in society.

As a successful entrepreneur with a background in intelligence and information gathering, I felt the urge to do something to counteract the fear and the mind control that was leading people to willingly accept the unacceptable:- the loss of freedom, the restriction of civil rights and the imposition of a ‘new normality’ based on separation, alienation,
and total control.

I’m a firm believer that we can each make a difference, and in that spirit,
I’m launching my podcast.

Naked aims to accompany you on a journey of discovery and transformation with the underlying aim, to remind us all, of the beauty, the power and the resilience of the human spirit.

Join me as we explore our reality and peel off the layers of deception
to get to the naked truth.
My name is Laura Aboli, welcome to Naked.