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In today’s marketplace, everyone is an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to think like one. 

Some believe entrepreneurs make up 4% of the population. They think this minority is brave and bold—focused on start-ups, investors, and risk. 

This may be the classic definition, but the truth is you are a brand and you run a company of one. It’s your responsibility to create value and if you fail to deliver, chances are you’ll find yourself without a job.  

Time to accept the facts. On some level, you’re an entrepreneur. And everyone in every industry would do better by thinking like one. 

When we do, we gain an exponential advantage. 

The E-Mind Podcast and Dr. Kary Oberbrunner will show you how. 

The E-Mind with Dr. Kary Oberbrunner

Dr. Kary Oberbrunner
61 episodes

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