Monday Morning Minute - Say it Simply Fiona Kearns

Oct 14, 2012, 07:06 PM

Welcome to the Monday Morning Minute with Fiona Kearns. Say it Simply!

Do you ever find yourself making things complicated? I do. I received an email during the week where someone said ‘so you teach public speaking’. My first response was, ‘Yes, but also’ and then I stopped myself. I could’ve listed out all the additional things I do as well but it would have muddied the waters and I decided to embrace it. I teach public speaking. Brilliantly.

I’m Fiona Kearns and I teach Public Speaking brilliantly.

It’s amazingly clear. This was exactly how I could say it simply. I didn’t come up with it, someone else did and I’m really appreciative of that. Thanks a million.

Say it Simply!

This is the Monday Morning Minute with Fiona Kearns #simple #voice #thanks #speak #fionafkearns #mmm