Octaver - Day 31

Oct 31, 2012, 03:20 AM, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

Hopefully you will have noticed that all of my Octaver boo’s have had a backing track behind them.

It is based around a simple 2 chord change, but this I’ve built up layer by layer, recording & adding a new instrument(s) to it every few days.

Drum Loop Bass Guitar Fender Rhodes Piano Acoustic Guitar Slide Guitar Part 1st Electric Guitar – Strummed part Extra Drum Part for ending Main Strings 2nd Electric Guitar – Tremolo chords 3rd Electric Guitar – Hook played in end section 4th Electric Guitar – Distorted Riff Vox Continental - chords Extra String Fills 5th Electric Guitar – Doubling up 4th guitar in the end section 6th Electric Guitar – Counterpoint to 4th & 5th guitars towards the very end Vox Continental - melody line Cabassa Shaker Egg

Up till now it has just been a mono mix, as that way the backing track wouldn’t overpower the spoken word elements too much. So as we draw to the close of Octaver I thought I would share the finished, mixed track

I think I will simply call it … A Song For Octaver.


clip location map