L4Lnews-12-11-2012 -

Nov 12, 2012, 08:26 AM

We went out live this morning on Mixlr - here's the archive of the recording - bit bumbling but I'm not ging to waste time on a live broadcast. I guess I'll just have to hone my skills talking on the fly.

Morning Becomes Electric

Licorize Booklet http://bit.ly/l4lnews-12-11-2012 A really rich set of things to think about before school today...

Networking Events on and offline


Dawn Hallibone's blog on last week's TeachMeet iPad http://bit.ly/tmipaddawntilldusk An excellent explanation of #asechat on http://bit.ly/ase_chat

Creative Computing http://bitly.com/bundles/eyebeams/c

Creative ways into coding and computational thinking

Probably one of the most creative coders ever - Why the Lucky Stiff Ruby developer for kids http://bit.ly/_whytheluckystiff Using Fairy Tales as a way into teaching computing - http://bit.ly/fairytalecomputing Dr Tom Crick's blog on Computational Thinking ahead of the Welsh hub and coding rollout - http://bit.ly/computationalthinking A simple beginners coding site from Lifehacker - http://bit.ly/lifehackercoding

Badges and Assessment http://bitly.com/bundles/eyebeams/d

Everything you wanted to know about Badges and Assessment plus differing views on the curriculum that could be tied into these theories

An open paper on the idea of Mozilla's Badges - http://bit.ly/badgesopenpaper Mozilla's Webmaker Badges site - http://bit.ly/webmakerbadges Doug Belshshaw with a bit of background to the site - http://bit.ly/belshawbadges A Beautiful Maker badges site - http://bit.ly/diyorg Nesta call for Digital makers - http://bit.ly/nestamakers - John Tomsett's very reflective blog on Curriculum and Assessment - http://bit.ly/curriculumblog

A set of John Hattie videos that might get you thinking about Teaching with reference to all this especially video 2 about outward bound skills http://bit.ly/johnhattie1 http://bit.ly/johnhattie2 And a counter to his thinking for balance - http://bit.ly/invisible_learning

UK Government's Digital Strategy http://bitly.com/bundles/eyebeams/e

Govt's DIgital Strategy Site http://bit.ly/ukdigitalstrategy Two views on the mechanics of what is in store on that site - http://bit.ly/DSpublishing http://bit.ly/DSshipping In stark contrast an independent head's views on Michael Gove's bygone era thinking - http://ind.pn/govebegone



Ofsted http://bit.ly/ofstedtrust