Tom Browne - Radio 1 Top 20 1978

Dec 08, 2012, 11:43 PM

Rather like Doctor Whos, or Blue Peter presenters, you can tell someone’s age by the identity of the Top 40 presenter at whom they go misty eyed. If you’re in your 40s into 50s, it’s probably Tom Browne.

What a voice; not surprising being the trained actor he was.

In 1972, he took over from Alan Freeman as presenter of the Radio 1 chart show which he hosted in various guises until 1978. As anoraks will recall, from 1973, the chart was also relayed by BBC Radio 2 on FM, and indeed on what was then Radio 2’s Long Wave frequency.

Enjoy the warmth of the voice, the JAM countdown jingles, Baccara and the feeling that you are back in 1978 again.