The Papisher & The Prod by John McKearney. Narrated by @Omaniblog. Mixed by @TheBooMagnet and @BossJockApp. Music by Celtic Lassies.

Jan 12, 2013, 07:31 PM

An @Audioboo community boo. I really like this poem and wanted the #audioboo community to get involved in producing a version for Audioboo. I sent out a plea via a boo ( and the response was amazing!

#IrishPoem #poetry #poem #Ireland #omaniblog #theboomagnet #catholic #protestant #love #communityboo

You can find out more about this poem here -

This boo was inspired by a YouTube video of the poem here -

Thanks to Paul @Omaniblog for reciting the poem - it's his voice you here in this boo.

Thanks to Jackie @TheBooMagnet for not only choosing the background music to this boo, but also mixing the audio files for me using BossJock @BossJockApp!

The background music is by Celtic Lassies and the album the music is from can be found on iTunes here - or on Amazon here -